Wil-Rich Introduces The 483 Chisel Pro


Source: Wil-Rich news release

Wil-Rich launches the 483 Chisel Pro. Built with 24-inch concave razor blades and 1,400-pound trip shanks, the Wil-Rich 483 Chisel Pro efficiently loosens the soil to bury the heavy trash of today’s high-yielding crops. Engineered to properly size clods with less horsepower requirements, it is an ideal tool to get a head start on spring seedbed preparation.

Double rows of independently mounted discs can be set for desired depth independently of the shanks. The 7.5-inch nominal spacing of the discs pair perfectly with the narrow-spaced shanks (15 inches) for superior residue flow. Legendary Wil-Rich split-the-middle design offsets the coulters and shanks to properly size and bury crop residue for a smoother field finish.

Optional leveling attachments of a three-bar harrow, four-bar harrow, or three-bar harrow with hydraulic rolling basket with adjustable down pressure put the finishing touch on this primary tillage tool. With a preview last fall, the Wil-Rich 483 Chisel Pro will be available for viewing at Minnesota Farmfest, Dakotafest, and Big Iron.

Because the 483 Chisel Pro requires less horsepower (20-30 HP/shank) to pull than disc rippers, it can be offered in wider working widths that cover more acres in less time. With no required daily maintenance and seasonal greasing on the disc hubs, you spend your time in the field instead of the shop.

The Wil-Rich 483 Chisel Pro is produced by AGCO-Amity JV, LLC, based in Wahpeton, North Dakota. AGCO-Amity JV, LLC is a joint venture formed in 2011 between Amity Technology of Fargo, ND, a leading provider of sugar beet harvesting equipment, and AGCO, based in Duluth, Georgia, a leading provider of agricultural equipment worldwide. This joint venture focuses on development and distribution of air seeding and tillage equipment under the Amity, Wil-Rich, Wishek, Sunflower, and Challenger brands. To learn more about the 483 Chisel Pro, visit your dealer or go online to wil-rich.com.


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