WestBred Wheat Introduces New Southern Idaho Hard White Spring Wheat Variety


When it comes to wheat, growers tend to get out of a season what they put into it. The newest WestBred Hard White Spring Wheat variety offers growers in Southern Idaho the performance trifecta: high yield potential, excellent test weight and excellent standability, in addition to very good milling and baking quality.

Newly available for the 2020 growing season, WB7696 is bred specifically for growers in Southern Idaho and has performance comparable with region best sellers including WB7589 and DAYN, according to Bayer head-to-head trials from 2016-2019.

As a seed supplier with Thresher Artisan Wheat, Ken Morgan had the opportunity to see WB7696 in on-farm trials and on production fields last year. “My customer who grew it for seed production in 2019 had uniform fields, good standability and good disease resistance,” he says. “Most importantly, it yielded as well as competitors and had better end-use quality for the mill they work with.” Based on this performance, Morgan says he will recommend that local growers take a close look at it when it’s more widely available this season.

“WB7696 is targeted for irrigated acres,” advises Trenton Stanger, WestBred Technical Product Manager for Montana and Southern Idaho. “It has been a top performer in our breeding trials the last four years, and it really thrives when inputs are managed for yield, protein and grain quality.”

In addition, WB7696 offers a very good overall disease package. “Growers can look to this new variety to provide excellent resistance to Yellow (Stripe) Rust, which can be a problem throughout southern Idaho,” says Stanger.

As a CSO variety, WB7696 features WestBred wheat’s newest germplasm and was bred to exceed the company’s toughest standards.

Features of WB7696

• Excellent yield potential
• Excellent test weight
• Very good overall disease package
• Excellent standability
• Very good protein content
• Very good milling and baking quality
• Certified Seed Only (CSO)
• Short plant height with medium maturity


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