United Soybean Board Announces Its 2020 Priorities


United Soybean Board CEO Polly Ruhland says the organization will improve farmer profitability by focusing on meal, oil, and sustainability in 2020.

“We’re working at research this year to prove the amino acid profile and how unique and valuable it is to our animal customers,” she says. “So, we’ve got some research into our meal and protein quality improvement in the soybean.”

She tells Brownfield USB is focused on enhancing and communicating the sustainability of soy.

“Soybean farmers rely on advancing in innovative technologies to grow soybeans and those technologies also allow us to grow more in less space to use more sustainable practices and so sustainability is a core tenet of the soy industry and soy farmer,” she says. “We’re working to let the public know about the sustainability of soy and how we can help the planet while we’re maintaining profit for farmers at the same time.”

Ruhland says USB is also focused on research of the benefits of soybean oil, specifically high oleic soybean oil.

“It offers a healthy alternative to many of the other oils that are out there on the market,” she says. “it has a longer fry life and leaves less residue than a lot of other frying oils do.”

These strategic objectives were highlighted during the December United Soybean Board meeting.


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