SureFlex Hybrids Announces First Commercially Available Post-Patent Trait In Seed Corn


SureFlex Hybrids announced today that post-patent SR2 (“SR” stands for: Sethoxydim Resistant) trait corn hybrids, the non-GMO grass event, have been added to their commercial portfolio. These three SR2 Hybrids are an alternative to glyphosate that are tolerant to broadcast over-the-top applications of sethoxydim. As with all other SureFlex products, SR2 Hybrids will be priced at $97 per bag, delivered. That’s a $100 to $120 price point advantage in the marketplace.

“SureFlex developed these groundbreaking hybrids, that we have branded SR2 Hybrids, with traditional breeding and selection techniques,” Mitch Rowe, SureFlex CEO, says. “This provides corn growers with a non-GMO, herbicide tolerant alternative to glyphosate for resistant grasses and provides post-emergence control of most grasses.”

The addition of the SR2 Hybrids brings the total of non-GMO hybrids SureFlex has for commercial release this year to 27, the largest such release in decades. All 27 hybrids, including the SR2 Hybrids, will be priced at $97 per bag, delivered direct to the farm.

“If grasses, and especially grass-infested fields, are a problem, growers who use one of the SureFlex SR2 Hybrids will be able to apply sethoxydim herbicides as a solution,” Rowe adds. “So, our SR2 Hybrids are an alternative to glyphosate and a sound economic solution to persistent grass problems in corn.”


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