Reinke Introduces RPM Connect


Reinke’s new RPM Connect main control panel helps growers stay one step ahead through remote control technology.

“Thanks to a simplified panel that eliminates unnecessary components, Connect is a more cost-effective solution that’s ideal for growers who wish to operate pivots remotely,” said Reinke President Chris Roth.

Because the Connect panel operates pivot systems through remote control technology, its main panel offers basic controls without a touchscreen – reducing the overall cost of the device.

Connect is built on the Reinke Advanced Plus platform and requires RC10 hardware and a ReinCloud subscription for full functionality. Accessed by any smart device, ReinCloud, allows growers to remotely monitor and control pivots, manage multiple systems from one dashboard and receive notifications when there’s a change in a system’s status.

Connect is now available through Reinke dealers with new systems, as a complete panel replacement and as a faceplate to upgrade existing RPM panels. It also carries a five-year warranty.

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