Purdue University Economist Says Acres Going Unplanted Is “Unimaginable”


Red River Farm Network reports:

Illinois, Indiana and Ohio have been hit the hardest by delayed plantings. Purdue University agricultural economist Chris Hurt expects the number of unplanted acres to be record large.

“We’re talking about increases in the range of four times or more of prevented plantings this year; this is dramatic in the Eastern Cornbelt.” Hurt says an unimaginable number of high value acres in that region will go unplanted.

Compared to the spring planting intentions, Hurt estimates nine percent of Illinois’ corn crop will go unplanted. For Indiana, that figure approaches 11 percent and Ohio is expected to be in a range of 16-to-17 percent.

“That has big implications for yields; it is a big deal.” Hurt expects corn prices to increase to a level that rations demand for this short crop. The summer and fall weather patterns will also take on greater significance.


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