Pioneer Releases 45 New Corn Hybrids, 44 New Soybean Varieties


Pioneer continues to drive year-over-year yield improvement for farmers with the addition of 89 new outstanding corn and soybean products for North America in 2020. The selected products were top performers bred from the world-leading germplasm library of Corteva Agriscience and bolster an already superior product lineup with industry leading performance.

“Pioneer is once again bringing an exceptional class of products with elite genetics to the market,” said Judd O’Connor, President, U.S. Commercial Business, Corteva Agriscience. “With Pioneer® brand seeds, farmers can be confident they are planting products with strong yield potential and excellent agronomics that consistently deliver top performance.”

Products selected to be among the 2020 lineup have passed multiple years of rigorous testing, including pre-commercial testing in IMPACT™ (Intensively Managed Product Advancement, Characterization and Testing) trials. These plots ensure only top-performing hybrids and varieties, with stability across a broad range of environments, advance to market.

2020 Corn Revolution Additions

The 2020 class of Pioneer brand hybrids includes 45 new corn products and 28 new genetic platforms. This is the latest class of superior corn products to join the Pioneer Corn Revolution and will offer farmers new high-performing options, with maturities ranging from 85 to 118 CRM.

The new corn offerings build on one of the company’s strongest corn portfolios ever, with a wide selection of products to meet farmer needs and management practices, including:

*15 new Pioneer brand Qrome® products that provide growers the most optimized balance of high yield potential, agronomic performance, and above- and below-ground insect protection in the Pioneer corn portfolio.

*1 new Pioneer brand Optimum® AQUAmax® product, designed to help protect against yield loss in limited water environments.

*2 new Pioneer brand Optimum® Leptra® hybrids to help farmers protect grain quality and maximize yield by providing superior protection against above-ground pests.

*Pioneer is also building on its leading portfolio of end-use products, advancing six yellow food-grade options, one white food-grade product, a new conventional option and one waxy product.

“Farmers began to experience the Corn Revolution in their fields with the 2019 corn class and we’re excited to build on their options in 2020 with these outstanding new products,” said Matt Smalley, Research Director, North America Corn Breeding, Corteva Agriscience. “The Corn Revolution extends across our entire corn portfolio but brings additions to the Qrome product lineup that expand diversity of options for farmers to protect their fields where corn rootworm protection is a top priority.”

2020 New Soybean Products

Forty-four new soybean products further strengthen the robust Pioneer soybean lineup. With unmatched genetic potential in maturities from 0.4 to 6.8, the 2020 Pioneer soybean class includes:

*13 new Pioneer® brand A-Series soybean varieties with Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® technology that give farmers exceptional yield potential protected by tolerance to glyphosate and dicamba herbicides. A-Series soybeans are the highest-yielding varieties ever introduced by Pioneer.

*5 new Pioneer brand A-Series soybean varieties with the LibertyLink® gene, an excellent alternative for effective postemergence weed control.

*24 new Pioneer brand Enlist E3™ soybean varieties that provide tolerance to glyphosate, glufosinate and the new 2,4-D choline in Enlist Duo® and Enlist One® herbicides to help control glyphosate-resistant and other tough-to-control weeds and broadleaf grasses.

*2 new conventional soybean varieties to give growers additional choices for their operations.
More than 40 of the new soybean varieties have native resistance to soybean cyst nematode (SCN), one of the most destructive soybean pathogens that costs U.S. soybean farmers more than $1 billion in lost revenue each year.1 Of those, four varieties have Peking resistance, bringing Pioneer’s total number of soybean varieties with Peking resistance to 28. Of the 28 varieties with Peking resistance, 23 are the famed A-Series soybeans with best-in-class yield potential. Pioneer remains the leader in developing varieties with the Peking source of resistance – it offers protection against multiple SCN races and is an outstanding alternative to the PI 88788 source of SCN, which is becoming less effective in controlling SCN in some fields.

“We’re excited about the newest addition of soybean varieties to the already-impressive lineup,” said Jeff Thompson, Research Director, North America Soybean, Corteva Agriscience. “We pride ourselves in giving farmers a variety of herbicide tolerant trait options so they can choose the products that best fit their acres, while having confidence they are protecting the outstanding yield potential with strong agronomics.”

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