IntelliFarms Announces Release Of New Soil Probe


Source: IntelliFarms news release

Today IntelliFarms announced the release of the new WISP-2 Soil Probe. This new, industry-leading soil probe focuses on accuracy and ease of use in the fields. It was designed with the farmer in mind, addressing the issues farmers face with today’s soil probes.

Adam Weiss, Chief Operating Officer of IntelliFarms, says, “We are really excited to announce the launch of the WISP-2 Soil Probe. It really addresses the shortcomings of other probes on the market today. It’s so important to know what’s going on in your fields year-round, so the fact that these can stay in the field is a big win.”

Installation is made easy with the WISP-2 Soil Probe; no auger or drill is needed. Removal is even easier, requiring only the use of a slide hammer. The batteries are readily available from any store (Lithium AA) and can last for years. With its low profile and long battery life, a farmer can now leave the probe in the field year-round, only removing for activities that disturb the soil.

An important new feature of the WISP-2 Soil Probe is that it is safe to drive over; reaching only a few inches above ground allows sprayers, tractors and even combines to clear them easily. The low clearance feature is another reason probes can stay in the field for the majority of the year.

This soil probe measures temperature and moisture at six depths, taken every 4″ down to 24″, giving a complete picture of soil saturation. Each soil probe connects to the largest wireless network with IntelliFarms’ FieldDataManager. When it’s time to locate in-ground probes, the built-in audio locator quickly pinpoints the exact location for quick removal.

The new IntelliFarms’ WISP-2 Soil Probe is now available for purchase.


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