Illinois Farmer Doesn’t Believe USDA’s Crop Estimates


On Monday the USDA raised its 2019 corn production outlook.

“I was shocked. It just seems like they’re not getting a good handle on the numbers.”

Former Illinois Ag Director and former Illinois Farm Bureau President Phillip Nelson says farmers are having a hard time believing the numbers.

“We thought that they would lower it, we didn’t know how much, but they raised it on top of all the prevented planting acres that are out there and a crop that is in trouble.”

He tells Brownfield some private firms have a better handle on the numbers than USDA does.

“So, either they need to do a better job reporting and gathering information, or you’re going to see private firms continue to get more dominant in the marketplace.”

Nelson says he believes the USDA will compile more accurate data, but it could be a few months before that happens.


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