HempLogic Launches Custom Hemp Harvesting, Drying System

Custom CBD Hemp Harvest System (PRNewsfoto/HempLogic)

HempLogic has announced the launch of the first custom hemp harvest and drying service to be debuted throughout the United States in time for the 2018 hemp harvest season. This revolutionary hemp processing system aims to serve America’s newest agricultural entrepreneurs, especially those who have invested in CBD hemp farming.

“We felt it was critical to launch the harvest system now, in order to serve the demand for harvesting and drying services for hemp farmers across the nation starting August 2018. The timing of our launch is in sync with the emerging hemp industry market needs, particularly in light of the recent passing of the Hemp Farm Bill legislation on June 28, 2018. HempLogic could not be more proud to serve our clients with these essential, cutting edge hemp harvest services.”

The foundation of the harvesting process was created by PowerZone Agriculture. The harvest system is fully equipped with two custom headers on 8 series John Deere tractors on fully contained semi trucks with trailers. Following these will be a complete mobile drying system alongside a screw press capable of handling 30 tons an hour; this makes this custom harvest program highly mobile and efficient, making it ideal for farmers who are in startup mode and need to outsource their CBD hemp harvest.

Sharp stated the current harvest demand is across states with legal hemp programs, centered on harvesting the hemp flower, getting it dried and stored properly.

“We are expecting a harvest crisis this coming season, due to the influx of new hemp farmers entering the hemp industry. We are here to fill that gap and support all farmers in their efforts to see the returns they desire year one. This way, they can roll right into the 2019 growing season with high hopes for their future in hemp,” Sharp stated.

Hemp farmers are encouraged to plan their harvesting operations now, before they are booked up for the 2018 season with contracts in Oregon, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Kentucky North Dakota and Montana currently.


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