AgJunction’s Wheelman Now Autosteers Articulated Tractors


Source: AgJunction news release

AgJunction Inc. (TSX: AJX), the Autosteering Company (“AgJunction”), has announced that its Wheelman Pro autosteering now supports articulated tractors and pivot steering through a free update to the Whirl mobile app. In addition, support for articulated tractors on the Wheelman Flex is expected to launch in June.

“We’re really excited to expand the coverage of Wheelman to farmers who use articulated tractors for tilling or pulling heavy implements,” said Jeff Morris, chief marketing officer of AgJunction. “This update expands the number of tractors we support to more than 700 and also reinforces our mission of making autosteer technology accessible to every farmer.”

With Wheelman performing the steering, farmers can rely on less experienced operators for spring and fall tilling with confidence the work will be done precisely and economically.

In addition, Whirl now supports pivot steering, farming in a circular path, for farmers who use pivot irrigation for fertilization or on hay and produce operations. With Whirl, farmers can now autosteer straight, contour and pivot paths providing multiple options to match how they farm.

AgJunction is pleased to bring its unique expertise in solving complex control challenges to help Wheelman customers autosteer new paths and new machines, like articulated, 4WD tractors, with just a free update to their Whirl app.

When AgJunction developed Wheelman autosteer, a key requirement was the ability to update the system regularly, without interrupting work or creating additional cost for the farmer. Whirl, the first smart autosteering mobile app that also serves as a display for the Wheelman autosteer products, is key to making that possible. Every Wheelman Pro can now autosteer articulated tractors and pivot paths with the free update of the Whirl mobile app.

“When we launched Whirl earlier this year, we planned to push out app updates every month. It’s part of our commitment to providing innovative autosteering solutions to every farm – supporting all farmers with the most up-to-date technology at an affordable price point,” said Morris. “Stay tuned for more updates to come.”

The Wheelman lineup of simple, affordable autosteering systems that can benefit every farm, was introduced earlier this year. Starting at just $3,995, each Wheelman Pro comes with everything a farmer needs for easy installation and operation (install kit, IMU, smart antenna, power cable), at no additional cost. And, the Wheelman Flex offers an additional benefit allowing farmers to easily move and use the autosteer system between their other vehicles, further reducing the overall cost of outfitting a farming operation with autosteering.

Farmers can purchase a complete Wheelman system today at Just choose a tractor from more than 700 makes and models supported today, select the Wheelman system and purchase. It will be shipped to your doorstep in a couple of days.

To purchase or learn more about Wheelman Pro, Wheelman Flex or Whirl, visit


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