Ag Leader’s GPS 7500 Receivers Now Support TerraStar-X, Centimeter Lever Accuracy


Source: Ag Leader news release

Ag Leader announces GPS 7500 receivers will now support TerraStar-X, providing centimeter-level accuracy to customers across the Midwestern United States, with additional coverage areas coming soon. TerraStar-X delivers RTK From the Sky performance, and convergence in under one minute with two centimeter accuracy.

“TerraStar-X revolutionizes the precision agriculture industry, by delivering rapid, accurate and reliable positioning” said Bill Cran, Ag Leader Product Specialist. “TerraStar-X allows growers to get the accuracy and speed of an RTK network for planting and other high-precision field operations, while reducing equipment requirements and increasing productivity.”

Ag Leader currently offers a full line of correction signals that include WAAS/EGNOS, TerraStar-L, TerraStar-C Pro, TerraStar-X and RTK in order to serve a large range of producers and crops. TerraStar-X will available to purchase in 12-month subscriptions later this year.


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