Precision Laboratories Launches New Irrigation Water Optimizer – Stretta


Source: Precision Laboratories news release

Precision Laboratories expands its offering of Irrigation Water Optimizers with the introduction of Stretta.

Stretta is the first plant-derived Irrigation Water Optimizer with fertilizer compatibility. It improves the availability and performance of irrigation water, nutrients, and other soil-applied products throughout the plant root zone, optimizing the growing environment.

“We are excited to launch a product that is completely fertilizer compatible,” says Rob Osburn, Technical & Commercial Product Manager for Precision. “Stretta fits easily into a wide range of grower irrigation and cropping practices and will provide an excellent return on investment to the grower.”

As an Irrigation Water Optimizer, Stretta maintains ideal moisture levels in the plant root zone, leading to enhanced soil-applied input performance and reduced plant stress. This results in improved crop quality, increased yield, and maximized return on investment.

The preferred method of application for Stretta is through an irrigation system using drip tubes, tape, micro emitters or overhead sprinklers.

Stretta now joins Precision’s portfolio of Irrigation Water Optimizers that includes: Domino, Tolero, Corso, and Quickin. Trial data, imagery and fact sheets for Stretta can be viewed here. Please visit to learn more about Stretta, or visit for more information on our entire line of Irrigation Water Optimizers.


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